Faq on alertMetalGuard detection installations

How can a shoplifter avoid being detected by the EAS system?

There are several ways to “cheat” any Electronic Article Surveillance system (EAS).
You can cut the pin or you can open it with an illegal detacher or a strong magnet in order to remove it.
Since both of these methods take time professional shoplifters nowadays have changed to all kinds of "booster bags.", tinfoil lined bags, and clothes protecting against detection in the EAS-gate!

What is a booster bag?

A booster bag is not always a bag! It can also be any container.The foil shields the security tag from the EAS system, thus allowing stolen items to pass through the system without setting off the alarm.

Are foil-lined clothes also a problem?

A foil-lined coat is often used in wintertime and can be a very effective shield against detection in the EAS-system. In fact, some U.S. states are now passing legislation that makes it illegal to wear certain types of clothing while shopping, including aluminum underwear.

Are booster bags really a problem?

YES! Using a booster bag, the thief can steal a lot in just one visit. Within seconds 15 expensive shirts or 4-5 bottles of the finest perfumes easily disappear into the booster-bag! Understanding that one can easily work out the numbers and see that a Metalguard installation can bring ROI very quickly!.

How many layers of tinfoil are nessesary to cheat an anti-shoplifting system?

Only a few layers are needed to cheat most most RF-systems – a few more layers are needed to render all AM-systems useless. Well-made booster bags thus contain up to 20 layers.

What can be detected by products from Alert Systems?

Metal and magnets that are passing through our antennas. The level of detection can be adjusted so that shopping trolleys of metal will not trigger an alarm from the our controller unit.

How sensitive is the system?

The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the needs of the specific store. The weight of the metal object is not what is measured, rather it is the physical size. In other words, sensitivity can be adjusted so that mobile phones and other small metal objects will not trigger the system.

Will a sliding door interfere with products from Alert Systems?

All products from Alert Systems – as the only patented systems on the market – has a special adjustment that allows installation close up to sliding doors, folding doors, rotating doors and bi-folding doors.

Can Alert Metalguard be installed close to radio frequence (RF) systems?

YES, close up to – and even integrated into.

Can Metalguard and Hyperguard be installed close to AM systems?

Yes! Metalguard and Hyperguard can be located as close as 15-20cm from any AM EAS system.

Should products from Alert Systems be installed at the door or inside the shop?

Usually the Metalguard and Hyperguard are installed next to exterior doors.
In larger stores extra installations can be made next to escalators/stairs, or near the entrance to the individual department.